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Alessia Cortese is a photographer and independent curator, born in Acquaformosa on February 12, 1986. She graduated in “Sciences of Cultural Heritage” in 2013, and she studied Publishing and Journalism. Then she specialized in Photography at the “Apab International School of Photography” in Florence, and she reached a Masters in “Museum Curation”. Freelance editor for many magazines, now she collaborates with the contemporary culture magazine “Objects”. The great part of Cortese's artistic production focus on self-exploration and self-representation, she uses her naked body in a symbolic and evocative way in the pictures. Her expressive grammar isn’t always explicit but plays on the dualism of “seen” and “just imagination”. Alessia Cortese finds her personal way to externalize and highlight her feelings through the creative act of self-portrait. It’s a process to freedom and self-acceptation, like a metaphorical bridge of images between a deep soul and the world outside.




"Artisti in evidenza", Premio Cramum, 2021


(La) Natura (È) Morta? Quale egoismo per un futuro possibile, Cramum, 2021

L'Amore Universale, Catalogo della mostra, 2022

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