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Alessia Cortese is a photographer and independent curator, born in Acquaformosa on February 12, 1986. She graduated in “Sciences of Cultural Heritage” in 2013, and she studied Publishing and Journalism. Then she specialized in Photography at the “Apab International School of Photography” in Florence, and she reached a Masters in “Museum Curation”. Freelance editor for many magazines, now she collaborates with the contemporary culture magazine “Objects”. 

Il corpo è politico, il corpo è poetico, il corpo è vulnerabile, il corpo è malefico, il corpo è erotico, il corpo è eretico, il corpo è somatico, il corpo è semiotico, il corpo è spudorato, il corpo è inibito, il corpo è rivoluzionario, il corpo è violento, il corpo è sociale, il corpo è libero. 

The photography of Alessia Cortese is an aesthetic research and an introspective investigation, an exploration of the female body. Alessia uses her body to affirm its material consistency, underlining its details and geometries, and at the same time to establish a dialogue with herself, to give a word to the inexpressible that lurks inside. The body is like a nutshell, shelter or cage that holds emotion, desire, anger, fear, confusion. The self-portrait itself is the instrument by which the artist can open that shell and express his her feelings, the way to define herself and express other identities. The photography is the imaginative bridge between one's soul and the outside world.




"Artisti in evidenza", Premio Cramum, September 2021


(La) Natura (È) Morta? Quale egoismo per un futuro possibile, Cramum, September 2021

L'Amore Universale, Catalogo della mostra, March 2022

Hidden GeometriesSnap Collective Publishing, February 2023 

10, Corpo e Autoritratto, Psicografici Editore, February 2023 

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